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Deepening Reflections on Habermas' Communicative Action Theory in Public Administration: Towards Social Participation
André Luiz Mendes Athayde, Pablo Peron de Paula, Adalmir de Oliveira Gomes

Última alteração: 2019-06-11


This dense theoretical essay boldly aimed at reaching consensus about the Communicative Action Theory of one of the most important philosophers for Public Administration: Jürgen Habermas. The referred theory is considered an important foundation upon which social participation supporters rely, so that it can be further fostered in governmental practices. As the main objective, we attempted to fill out a theoretical gap: is the Theory of Communicative Action an incremental or radical adjustment to other types of rationalities? As secondary objectives, we aimed at contextualizing the discussed theory into Public Administration, presenting its importance, challenges and criticisms that need to be taken into account by public administrators. The results pointed out that this theory for social participation is both incremental and a paradigmatic leap. Emboldened by the essence of Habermasian communicative action, the present essay dared to raise an argument worthy to be read.

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